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Analysis of your website

For a while you have been feeling that certain things on your website could be improved? You doubt whether your website is easy to view and to use on mobile phones and tablets? You wonder whether the structure of your website is logical? Maybe it is time to contact us[…]

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What to do with outdated content?

A question I was recently asked: should you delete old blogs which are hardly being read anymore? The answer to this depends on whether or not those old blogs or other content is still relevant. If the content is still relevant, but no longer up to date, you could choose[…]

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Distribution Les Camélias website visitor

New website

As a shoe repairman often moves around on worn shoes or as a doctor who does not go to a doctor in case of an illness, our website no longer represented the projects we have completed in recent years. It was therefore high time to make a new website. Our[…]

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